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Key Features:
  • identification of reliable biological entities (protein names, gene names, chemical compounds, drugs, diseases)
  • identification of inter-entity relationships, such as enhancement and inhibition between drugs, biological substances and diseases
  • effective generation of complex relationship networks based on selected biological entities that could be used in the inference steps
  • generation and validation of hypothesis overcoming the limitation of the number of relationships between entities
  • easy detection of false positive relationships
  • generation of pathways from text
  • mapping of generated networks onto known pathways
text analyzer
The volume of biomedical publications continues to expand rapidly. With such tremendous growth it is challenging to keep up to date with the current knowledge even in one's specific field. Computational methods should be developed to help the researchers to make a practical use of the existing discoveries and to publish new innovative theories.

The text mining techniques are of great help to researchers in reducing the information overload. They are offering the researchers ways to identify important connections between objects in the text. They also contribute to solutions of specific problems that can not be obtained by using the usual search engines.

Metalife Text Analyzer is a software application for text analysis. It employs the powerful heuristic and semantic Metalife developed algorithms in order to offer the user the possibility to generate on-the-fly relationship networks from text and afterwards to validate the extracted information by mapping these networks to known pathways.

Metalife Text Analyzer addresses the increasing demand for extracting knowledge from text repositories. It is designed especially to work with the particularities of the texts from the scientific domain.

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  • Data security ensured by the management of all analyses and sources locally in your organization's secured network.
  • Impossibility of competitor companies to track down your searches in public resources and reveal your interests.
  • Custom development of project specific GUI features, new functionalities, DB sources.
  • Completely new decisions implementation upon request.