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Key Features:
  • integrated genotype/phenotype relationships
  • integrated ortholog relationships
  • cross-linked entries that help to find easily additional information
  • intuitive interface that allows to track down the information about all sources of data
Metalife PhenomicDB is a multi-species genotype/phenotype database created by merging public genotype/phenotype data from a wide range of model organisms and human. The data in PhenomicDB is integrated in our online resource by coarse-grained semantic mapping of the phenotypic data fields, by including common gene indices (NCBI Gene), and by the use of associated orthology relationships.

Most of the valuable phenotypic data reside in the public literature and is not captured in databases. Metalife PhenomicDB is gathering phenotype and genotype data from different public resources and maps the data semantically into a single data model. It was built as a step towards comparative phenomics and will improve our understanding of gene function by combining the knowledge about phenotypes from several different organisms.

The advanced query interface finds results that show the user genotypes and phenotypes of further interest and expand these with their orthologues genes and the phenotypes of their orthologues genes. This allows direct and simultaneous comparison of all available phenotypic data for a certain gene in all available organisms. Each result is linked to a dedicated genotype/phenotype report and directly to the source database.

Check out metalife's phenomicDB website!

Order installation of local copy of Phenomicdb!

However, regarding experimental data confidentiality and the high volume of specific private records crucially substantial to modern scientific labs, pharmaceutical or biotechnology companies, we would like to inform you that besides the publicly accessible version of PhenomicDB, Metalife offers installation of local copy of PhenomicDB upon licensing. Ordering a local copy of the database benefits private users with the following extra advantages:

  • Integration of your own proprietary pheno/genotypic data which will be simultaneously accessible for the entire PhenomicDB functionality, with orthology groups and phenotypic clusters being de novo recalculated.
  • Customer oriented development and implementation of additional features ordered for the purposes of a specific study.
  • Considerably faster response times which means faster access to data and faster results retrieval.
  • Data security and inaccessibility of competitor companies to your scientists' searches, queries, exports, or any set of information being handled.