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Key Features:
  • metatranscriptome data clustering
  • ribosomal RNA transcript identification
  • assignment of non-coding RNA families
  • characterization of RNA distribution
  • identification of protein-coding genes
  • functional annotation and prediction
  • taxonomic and Phylogenetic analysis
NGS data services
Metalife AG offers coordinated consultancy for project development and data analysis for next generation sequencing projects. This includes but is not limited to, advice on the selection and optimal application of software for phylogenic characterization, RNA classification and functional analysis of metatranscriptome data of microbial communities.

The team provides customized support for data analysis, development of customized software tools and design of custom data analysis pipelines. Next-generation sequencing data management and analysis includes support for genome / transcriptome de novo assembly and clustering, RNA transcript identification, phylogenetic analysis and gene prediction and functional analysis of putative mRNA. Data management and analysis support services are available for short-term (a week) and long-term service contracts. A team of expert bioinformaticians will work closely with you to see what custom workflow analysis most suit your project best.

The core Metalife Next generation sequencing (NGS) data analysis' services include:
  • Metatranscriptome data clustering
  • Metatranscriptome data assembly
  • Ribosomal RNA transcript identification
  • Phylogenetic analysis of Ribosomal RNAs
  • Gene Prediction and Annotation
  • Functional analysis of putative mRNAs
  • RNA homology analysis and classification

We support all species with reference in NCBI. Analysis results are delivered in a written report with appropriate statistics and via e-mail. Final results include:
  • Number of particular molecular type per sample
  • Number of individual organisms per sample
  • Number of reads per organisms per sample
  • Taxonomic distribution per sample/probe
  • RNA families distribution per sample/probe
  • Functional analysis of putative mRNAs
  • Protein families distribution per sample/probe

Contact us with more details on the analysis you would like to perform. The Metalife team will prepare a detailed offer based on the amount of data and the type of analysis needed.