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Key Features:
  • drug information, including all drug compounds, drug side effects, prescription data and contradictions
  • presenting the essence of drug pharmacology
  • compound-target, compound-compound and compound-food interactions data, derived from external proprietary chemical and drug relational databases
  • compound to protein relations supported by evidences and bioactivity data, extracted from biomedical literature
  • clear connections, tracking the interactions between drug, ingredients, the corresponding genes and their variants
  • single-nucleotide polymorphisms affecting the gene - drug interactions and correlating with a drug's efficacy or toxicity
Metalife "Genes Affecting Response to Drugs" Database (MGARD) was developed to resemble the needs of researchers in one of the most important areas of biotechnology and medicine – adverse events and medication safety surveillance. This new platform is particularly optimized in the context of drug pharmacovigilance, chemical research, and healthcare.

MGARD explores thousands of drug-to-gene relations and includes information for specific gene variants (SNPs). These relations are collected from various data sources and are supported by evidence data, which comes directly from medical literature. MGARD provides clinicians, researchers, regulators and patients a simple resource to explore data about the influence of genetic factors on drug products and their effectiveness and side effects.  The database does not only include already known relations and effects presented in other integrated resources, but also newly identified and hypothetical relations.

With MGARD Metalife generates additional knowledge concerning the impact of human genes and the genetic variation on drug responses, by summarizing important pharmacogenomic genes and drug pathways, annotating gene variants and gene-drug relationships via literature reviews and curation and display of primary genotype and phenotype data. Data are extracted aiming at showing latest information about usage, dosage, and drug prescribing. Information coming from MetaText is extracted with text processing techniques for the purpose of information extraction and smart in silico reading: keywords and complete phrases extraction and categorization, extraction of relations between main keywords/phrases and categories of interest, documents indexing and clustering based on specific keywords.

MGARD includes 3 independent sub-databases integrated in MetaExplorer suite: (MGARD Drug, MGARD Compound and MGARD Gene) with information about drugs, their compounds and the potential effects of genes and particular gene variants on drug responses.

Check out metalife's MGARD website!

Order installation of local copy of MGARD!

Regarding experimental data confidentiality and the high volume of specific private records crucially substantial to modern scientific labs, pharmaceutical or biotechnology companies, we would like to inform you that besides the publicly accessible version of MGARD, Metalife offers installation of local copy upon licensing. Ordering a local copy of the database benefits private users with the following extra advantages:

  • Integration of your own proprietary data which will be simultaneously accessible for the entire MGARD functionality.
  • Customer oriented development and implementation of additional features ordered for the purposes of a specific study.
  • Considerably faster response times which means faster access to data and faster results retrieval.
  • Data security ensured by the management of all database sources locally in your organization's secured network and impossibility of competitor companies to track down your scientists' searches, queries, exports, or any set of information revealing your interests.