metalife switzerland

Metalife is dedicated to enabling life science companies to improve their productivity through integrative bioinformatics solutions that cover the complete research and development value chain. The Metalife team is a fine-tuned mixture of business, informatics and natural sciences specialists that combine their domain expertise to create innovative high performance software products and provide exemplary customer service.

The reason for founding Metalife is simple. Nowadays, there are huge amounts of free sources for life science information worldwide. Universities, patent offices and public funded institutions (e.g. NCBI and EBI) provide experimental and analytical data in abundance. Metalife's first project was to utilize all this information and fit it into a comprehensive life science model. The outcome of those efforts was the biggest semantically integrated database: the Metalife Knowledge base. In order to preserve the technological superiority and the scientific value of the Metalife Knowledge base, ongoing optimization is taking place, for instance by incorporating Metalife Semantic Search based on AI, which is a promising new technology that allows searching connections and relationships among biological objects from different levels of organization by using an extended bio-ontology.

Metalife has proven to be a versatile and reliable bioknowledge partner. Its innovative and forward thinking solutions mirror its ability to feel the pulse of the life science community. Clients' and partners' success has always been the focus of the cooperative projects. During the years Metalife has worked with many of the leading companies in the life science industry and developed software tools that improved significantly their research and development process. Metalife eagerly provides its technology and know-how to the scientific community, as well. Evident are the numerous ongoing collaborations with universities, medical institutes and clinics as well as the public access to the online version of the PhenomicDB.

Metalife's portfolio reaches from database integration models and search techniques to sophisticated algorithmic analysis of data, design of custom workflow pipelines, text mining, document management and many more. For detailed information about our software solutions, please visit our products page.

Metalife in Switzerland was founded in year 2003 and its main competence lies in management, strategic marketing, customer relations and business development. Metalife in Bulgaria is specialized in software development and technical support.